Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Digital Campaign Case Study: How Does Coca-Cola “Taste the Feeling”Make Every Moment Special?

Coca-Cola is one of the highest recognition brands globally. Almost everyone in the world knows Coca-Cola and has drunk it. The unique taste of Coke is unforgettable, and that’s why so many people love it.
Why does Coke so unforgettable? The taste and refreshment of Coke? Of course, it is one of the key reason. The other reason is its brand creative marketing message. Coca-Cola company have been creating different marketing campaign across the world every year to reinforce the brand culture. Coke is not a simple product anymore. It is our lifestyle!
In the January of 2016,  Coca-Cola launched new marketing campaign called “Taste The Feeling”. According to Coca-Cola Stories, the central message of “Taste The Feeling” is to “bring the idea that drinking a Coca-Cola is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special.” (Jay Moye)
This campaign message was distributed through different channels such as TV commercials, print, outdoor, in-store, social media, and digital ads. Coca-Cola selected different types of media channel to reach customers directly and effectively. It included both online and offline channels that ensure expose the ad impression everywhere.

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I love to watch the TV commercials because they are more storytelling. They remind me the great experience of drinking an ice Coke.
Open the bottle cap, drop five to ten piece of ice cubes to the glass, and pour the Coke into ice cubes. The bubbles are jumping up in the glass which is the most special moment. This makes me feel more enjoyable to have the Coke.
When I watch the “Taste The Feeling” commercials, I feel each moment in the ad is not strange at all. No matter a fun time, friend time, love time, or even fight time, it happens all the time in our real life. With Coca-Cola, every moment becomes even more special.

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Coca-Cola takes the central role in every piece of those creative ads. The campaign perfectly combines the product, digital and emotion together in the story. Without Coca-Cola, there is no story.

Finally, how does “Taste The Feeling” make every moment special?

People want Coca-Cola in different ways, but whichever they want, they want the unique taste and drinking experience of Coca-Cola. The company also reach customers through many different media channels to send the brand message effectively.
“Taste The Feeling” campaign is not just telling a story. It is a “real” story. Don’t you ever feel happy when you have a bottle of Coca-Cola? Don’t you ever feel refresh when you drink it? Don’t you feel you need a Coca-Cola when you are stressed? I do and I believe many of people also do.
The campaign brings all the real life moments and feelings into the story. It reminds you how much you love the brand. Coca-Cola is not only a part of the story but also a part of our life.

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