Monday, January 23, 2017

Two Main Concerns on Mobile Shopping

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When I shop online, I never shop through Mobile. I feel it is funny that even though mobile has become an important part of my life, I still prefer buying on my desktop instead of buying on mobile.

Mobile-commerce shopping trends show that the main reason that people don't choose mobile shopping is poor user experience. According to the research, users get so frustrated when trying to shop on their phones that they far more often than not abandon the process. In the second quarter of 2015, U.S. adults spent 59% of their time on mobile and 41% on desktop, but just 15% of their dollars on mobile and a staggering 85% of their dollars on the desktop. 

When I read this statistic, I feel interesting but not surprise. Because of mobile device limitation, it is true that users are difficult to get great shopping experience on mobile. Statista study also summarized that users prefer shopping on PC because they could get a larger and clear image of the product as well as a detail product information.
Data Point: Why Shoppers Prefer Buying on PCs over Mobile Device
Personally, I don't have a mobile shopping habit because I have two serious concerns about mobile shopping:

If I lose my phone...

No matter shopping online or on the mobile, they require us to enter our credit card and bank information on the checkout page. For shopping convenience, many businesses recommend users to save the credit card information on the commerce site or to link the mobile app to a bank account directly. 

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When I shop online, I feel more control of my privacy. For example, I don't have to link my credit card to any e-commerce sites if I don't want to.Most e-commerce sites also offer many different payment options to complete the transactions. I can always choose a secure way to make a purchase.

However, I would never enter any credit card information on the mobile shopping app especially when it requires to link my bank account in order to access the app. For me, when I sign in a mobile app, I usually don't like to sign out when I leave. I am afraid that if I lose my phone by accident, all of my privacy information such as bank information, contacts, and social media will be exposed to high risk because everyone can access my apps. I will totally lose control of my privacy and feel insecure. 

If I get fraud payment...

One of my friends is living in the UK now. Two months ago, she told me that her Fiverr App was charged $300 on a taxi, but she has not used that app for over one year. She was totally freaking out because she couldn't access her account without a valid U.S. phone number. It was a very bad experience to fix the problem and get her money back.

I feel unbelievable and also very sorry to hear her experience. In order to avoid fraud payment, I never install any app which requires linking either my phone number or bank account. I don't want this kind experience to happen. And I hate to waste my time to deal with fraud payment especially when it is always useless.

At the end:

Even though many mobile shopping apps provide better UX design, many users still don't choose to shop on Mobile because of privacy and security concerns. In the other words, if we don't trust mobile shopping, so we don't buying on mobile.

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